The use of sclerosant injections in orthopaedic medicine |

The use of sclerosant injections in orthopaedic medicine

The product used is P2G, consisting of 

  • Phenol 2 %
  • Dextrose 25 %
  • Glycerol 30 %
  • Water 43 %.

 The sclerosant solution causes a local strengthening of ligaments or tendons by local increase of fibroblasts and collagen, as a reaction to the locally induced inflammation. Moreover, the sclerosant solution has also a neurolytic effect.

 Indications of sclerosant injections

1. Recurrent carpal subluxations.

2. Recurrent type 2 tennis elbow, if treatment by transverse friction massage / Mill's manipulation and local steroid infiltrations have failed.

3. Recurrent thoracic and lumbar disc protrusions. (first focus on intensive prophylactic measures)

4. Intractable lumbar backache, if all other treatments have failed.











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