Recommended literature related to orthopaedic musculoskeletal medicine

Besides the powerpoint presentations shown during the ETGOM seminars, which enlighten the latest scientific input on orthopaedic musculoskeletal medicine and manual therapy issues, I glady refer to some inspiring books covering a number of items such as the mechanism of tissue healing in relation to diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions and its direct influence on therapeutic strategies :

Recommended reading list

• Laslett M., Mechanical diagnosis and therapy : the upper limb, 1996

• McKenzie-May, The human extremities, mechanical diagnosis and therapy, spinal publications new zealand, 2000

• McKenzie-May, The lumbar spine, mechanical diagnosis and therapy, volume 1-2, spinal publications new zealand, 2003

  • McKenzie-May, The cervical and thoracic spine, mechanical diagnosis and therapy, volume 1-2, spinal publications new zealand, 2006

• Ombregt et al., A system of orthopaedic medicine, first edition, Chruchill Livingstone, 2003 ; third edition 2013

• Kesson-Atkins, Orthopaedic medicine, a practical approach, Elsevier BH, 2005

• David Butler, The sensitive nervous system, Noigroup publications, Australia, 2000

• Vicenzino B. et al., Mobilisation with Movement, the art and the science, Elsevier Australia, 2011



De Coninck S., Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax, updated value in daily practice, Part I-II, OPTP, 2003, exclusively available through OPTP

De Coninck S., Cyriax compact, Updated Untersuchen und Behandeln, Thieme Verlag, 2005

De Coninck S. et al., Clinical Reasoning in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine, A practical diagnostic guide by using a standardized assessment form, 2nd edition, ETGOM-OM Consult publications, 2012


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