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Orthopaedic medicine course materials


ETGOM  course participants can rely on following materials...

  • A series of well illustrated course hand outs (edition 2016 ; in total about 497 pages) (available in English, Spanish and Polish language)
  • Standardized Assessment Forms (available in English, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Serbian and Polish language)
  • all treatment techniques (transverse friction massage, manipulation, mobilization) and examination techniques are illustrated in a 16 GB film production (available in English and polish language)
  • a selection of 40 infiltration and injection techniques is also illustrated in a DVD production (English version)
  • The unique Back Instruction Card
  • A extensive powerpoint summary of scientific slides
  • DVD “Fit und sexy, nur mit gesundem Rücken” (only available in German language)


And…all participants can also rely on the post course on line consulting. The ETGOM teachers are happy to be at your assistance inbetween course modules.


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