Master Mind Private Training in Orthopaedic Medicine |

Master Mind Private Training in Orthopaedic Medicine

"I am so busy and don't have time for continuing education..."


"I don't wish to travel several times"

"Course groups are often too big, I prefer more individual training"

Sounds familiar to you ?

The exclusive Master Mind Training in orthopaedic medicine is especially designed for efficient and fun learning in a compact time frame, in an inspiring environment.  Just a few courses per year are offered for which only accept 4 (!) participants !

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I go for YOUR Success in Orthopaedic Medicine !



"Hi Steven, I just wanted to say hello and send you a quick and very big THANK YOU!  After starting my own practice 3 years ago, I have to tell you that – despite all my other training and continued education in all kinds of additional diagnostic and therapeutic methods (Diploma in Osteopathy, Sportsosteopathy, Sportsmedicine, various Forms of Taping, Chinese Medicine Forms, Physical Therapies etc. etc.) I owe a large portion of the success of my practice to the structured and precise diagnostic patterns and clinical reasoning of OM Cyriax!

At first I was kind of sceptical if a practice in the orthopaedic field without having my own X-Ray would work - well, as time and patient-satisfaction show, there is no need for X-Ray in my own practice and the clinical findings through structured examination even surpass MRI occasionally (For example a Lumbar Prolaps I “found” did not show on regular MRI; since symptoms got worse he got an extra thin layer imaging and voila – there it was...)

I can not tell you how glad I am that I took the chance of getting to know you and the OM Cyriax through one of your Introductory Courses and then deciding to go on with the Training through all the Courses. Thank you again! I hope all is well for you and your Family and I wish you all the Best for 2016!"

Philipp Wolf, MD, Neustadt in Holstein, Germany 

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