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Diploma and accreditation in orthopaedic medicine


Continuing Education Units - accreditation ?

ETGOM course participants who attend our courses can receive a certain number of CEU's or credit hours. This is subject to specific regulations in each country. More details can be provided by the responsible local organizing partner.  

But, let's be honest, as a general remark "Accreditation" does not always equal "Quality guarantee", but sometimes merely is the result of "Politics".  

We are nevertheless happy that many PT and DR associations world wide provide accreditation points for ETGOM courses, but this really is not our main concern.

The main question is, what is your motivation to spend money and time attending  an ETGOM course in Modern Orthopaedic Medicine Cyriax ?

We hope you are a therapist who shares the same passion as we do : the eager to become a better therapist, a better clinician, who wants to explore efficiënt ways of diagnosis and treatment, with only one aim : offer the best possible care for our patients. A therapist who is open minded and wants to learn, regardless of your level of expertise.  A therapist who wants to be proud !

That’s what we do : we go for your success in orthopaedic medicine !  After all, healthy patients give great satisfaction !


Oh, by the way, in case your motivation would be quite different :  if you would merely be looking for “another” course to get a next “certificate” and collect some accreditation points ? In that case, please, do not register for our courses, thank you.  We don’t give away certificates, you have to deserve them.


Course Certificate

 After each course module a certificate stating the number of lecture hours and the specific course part is provided.

Diploma in modern orthopaedic medicine (Cyriax) 

In order to obtain this international ETGOM diploma in modern orthopaedic medicine (Cyriax) one has to pass both theoretical and practical examinations.

The theoretical examination consists of 

 A 70 question multiple choice exam with multilevel outcomes (minimum one option, maximum all options could be correct ; the score is 1 or 0).  We mainly focus on the understanding of specific clinical reasoning and treatment procedures more specifically regarding the basic principles of orthopaedic medicine Cyriax, examination, diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions of the locomotor system (extremites and spine) . A minimum score of 60% is required.

The practical examination consists of

Demonstration of 17 examination and treatment procedures/techniques (transverse friction massage, manipulation, mobilization, of the spine and the extremities). Important variables are : starting position of the patient and the therapist, practical execution, efficiency and safety.

After passing these examinations the therapist is listed in Certified Cyriax therapists register.



ETGOM is also an official affiliation partner of the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine in the UK.