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Dr Cyriax, the "Einstein of orthopaedic medicine" created the stepstones towards a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic system, but a system which is also subject to quite some evolution. Some hypotheses have been refuted, others have been confirmed by qualitative research and others need more investigation. Several treatment techniques have been abandoned, others have been optimized significantly. Modern Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Medicine is a very strong diagnostic and therapeutic concept, which is not a "stand alone" nor a “guru” concept. It is an open vision system compatible with some other views and approaches in the field of musculoskeletal medicine (e.g. McKenzie, Maitland, Mulligan), but the concept of modern Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Medicine provides an absolute stepstone for all therapists who are involved in diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions.

Update : 10 day private training program in OMCyriax

Dear colleagues, 

Only once per year we offer the 10 day Platinum Private Diploma Training in Orthopaedic Medicine. 

I am very happy to announce that already some early birds registered for the 2017-session…so, there are just a few places left.

When : 14-24 August 2017

Where : ETGOM Training Centre, Belgium

Dubai, ETGOM Cyriax Diploma Course in Orthopaedic Medicine

Great news !  ETGOM in Dubai...

Yes, indeed, the ETGOM course in orthopaedic medicine Cyriax comes to Dubai, in collaboration with our organisation partner Movement Therapy Seminars !

Discover now all advantages of this program and download your information brochure on this page.

Clinical implication of "shifting pain"

Clinical interpretation of a “shifting pain”

Recently I saw a patient, 45y old, suffering from a cervical internal derangement i.e. a posterior cervical disc protrusion with pressure against the dura mater.  She described the typical mutlisegmental pain in the cervical, scapular area, on the right side.  In the cervical examination a partial articular pattern was obvious (some pain and limitation of ROM), mainly towards right rotation.

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ETGOM Training Centre at the Belgian coast

We accept a maximum of 4 participants ! Early registration is advised.

Private Diploma course : consecutive 10-day session

Online video course (Deutsch)


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Cyriax ?!? Old news !?

Perception ?  Deep friction ? aspecific, rude manipulations,...? Who wants to study that nowadays ??

Do the test and discover the real value of OMCyriax.

Cyriax : alive and kicking !

Discover : films on peripheral and spinal manipulation - films on clinical reasoning

Cyriax opleiding België

Wenst U ook 2 gratis lesdagen ?

In België wordt enkel de unieke Cyriax prive opleiding aangeboden, waarbij max. 5 deelnemers per groep aanvaard worden.

NIEUWE groepen : Wervelzuil start op 20 mei 2017 ; Extremiteiten start op 1 december 2017.